African Health Policy Review 2014-2017

About the Project

  Please note that the reviewed, new docs were released in May 2016. In early 2014 the AUC Dept of Social Affairs announced its intention to review and validate several health data and policies for Africa that were expiring and up for renewal. The commitments were reviewed in 2014 and 2015: 1.    The Abjua Declaration, 2.    African Union Roadmap on Shared Responsibility & Global Solidarity on HIV, TB and Malaria, 3.    The Maputo Plan of Action, 4.    The African Health Strategy and 5.    the MNCH Status Report The review of the commitments was vital to determining whether they should be renewd and in what form. In the interests of transparency and inclusion, AAI is sharing what we learn during this process with others, for your information, feedback, and otherwise to use in your work. The attached docs might seem long and unwieldy, but please do have a look and see what is being done, so that you are aware of these important decisions that are being taken. Please connect others who work on health in Africa, government, funding partners, business, civil society and multi-lateral organisations to this webpage. This affects all of us as we push for greater access to quality health care for all, and this technical work is very influential. AHPR 2014 TENTATIVE TIMELINES FOR REVIEW AND DEVELOPMENT OF AU POLICY DOCUMENTS  


  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORK HAS OVERLAPS AND LINKAGES WITH THE FOLLOWING PROJECTS Integration of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights into the Post 2015 Development Agenda ICPD and Beyond 2015 ARCPD Reflections Monitoring the Maputo Plan of Action: An Assessment of SRHR in Africa Monitoring the Maputo Plan of Action: A Strengthening of SRHR in Africa The African Youth Task Force on Post 2015   Contact Bob Mwiinga Munyati or Phillipa Tucker, AAI  at bob or phillipa at aidsaccountability dot org with queries and feedback.