Prisons in Southern Africa 2016 – ongoing

AAI continues to be an advocate on prisoners issues but awaits a firm funding commitment to expand this work further.

Please rerad below about some of our earlier work in partnership between AAI and SAFAIDS

In the context of the SCORE Programme, and the 90-90-90 Strategy, the objective of this report is to create dialogue around the implementation that has taken place to date on the SADC Minimum Standards for HIV & AIDS, TB, Hepatitis B & C and STIs Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support in Prisons, using a lens of accountability.

This Discussion Paper highlights strengths and weaknesses in the existing enabling environment. 

The Country Status Reports inform us of the current state of prisons in SADC; the mapping of stakeholders directs us on what is currently being done on awareness raising.
This information guides us in the key findings and recommendations as a starting point for the development of a strategic roadmap for the future.

AAI SAFAIDS Prison Discussion paper Final PDF

AAI Accountability Literacy + Prisons Indicators Prisons March 2016