Accountability Forum

The HIV/AIDS Accountability Forum is a coalition of  international non-governmental organizations promoting an actionable accountability framework for government commitments to HIV, including AIDS Accountability International (AAI), GESTOS, the Global Network Of People with HIV/AIDS (GNP+), International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS (ICW), and World AIDS Campaign.

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The HIV/AIDS Accountability Forum is a global platform for information exchange and public debate on HIV/AIDS and accountability issues. As a member of the forum you will receive the quarterly AIDS Accountability Newsletter and AAI's Working Paper Series. You will also be offered to participate in opinion polls.

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Accountability Framework

We base our projects on a basic three-step framework for accountability. The framework suggests a way to ensure that the principle of accountability in the response to HIV and AIDS is translated from rhetoric into a set of actionable governance steps. The framework can be applied to national governments, private sector and other stakeholders.












The framework was developed with partners of the HIV & AIDS Accountability Forum and used for advocacy for the UN High Level Meeting on HIV & AIDS in June 2011. The Forum is a Ford Foundation funded project with AIDS Accountability International, GESTOS, Global Health Council, GNP+, ICW, IPPF/WHR and World AIDS Campaign as members.

See the press release June, 3 2011.

Read the Full Accountability Framework.