The AAI Scorecard on Women 2009

The AAI Scorecard on Women is the first-ever independent assessment of how well governments respond to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women in the context of the AIDS epidemic.

The AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women (PDF) includes assessment of six key elements required for an effective national response for women, based on the latest data on progress reported by countries against the core indicators used for monitoring the United Nations 2001 Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.

The six elements are:

Element 1: Data Collection (PDF)

Element 2: Gender Mainstreaming (PDF)

Element 3:Policy & Legal Environment (PDF)

Element 4: National Programmes (PDF)

Element 5: Knowledge & Behaviour (PDF)

Element 6: Impact (PDF)

The Scorecard also analyzes information provided by governments in their narrative reporting.

The final Scorecard element is a composite score that rates the completeness of reporting by countries across both the six key elements and the narrative reports: Women Reporting Index

Find out more about how the scores are calculated and who is part of the Scorecard on Women Development Team