AAI hosts two top African trans diversity activists in Brussels in July 2017

In early July 2017 Sheriff Mothopeng and Ricky Nathanson will be visiting the AAI Brussels office as part of the work on the Southern African Trans Forum Situation Analysis project. Please contact phillipa at aidsaccountability dot org for further info. Sheriff Mothopeng AAI   SHERIFF MOTHOPENG Sheriff Mothopeng is a gender non-confirming person, LGBTI activist and archaeologist by profession working towards the elimination of discrimination and the meaningful inclusion of LGBTQI identifying youth. Sheriff has been doing tremendous advocacy work in Lesotho since 2009 with The People’s Matrix until May 2015 when they moved to Sesotho Media and Development holding the position of Gender and Sexuality officer. Sheriff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental History and Cultural Heritage from the National University of Lesotho and other certificates of achievements in Public Policy, Governance and Leadership and Marginalization, Exclusion and Inequality through OSISA and LGBTI Sensitization Certificate. Sheriff is also working towards Trans representation and visibility of trans stories in film. In 2014, they successfully lead in the locally produced documentary titled, ‘The man in Me’. They have written and been featured in a number of newspapers and magazine articles in Lesotho. Sheriff has recently led the second documentary which will be published soon on Transgender life in Lesotho. They have recently joined Gender DynamiX as the Regional Advocacy Coordinator where they will be doing advocacy regional work closely with other partner organizations in the region including the Southern Africa Trans Forum. Sheriff currently lives in Cape Town. where they will be doing advocacy regional work closely with other partner organizations in the region including the Southern Africa Trans Forum. Ricky NathansonRICKY NATHANSON Ricky Nathanson is the current Director of the Trans* Research, Education, Advocacy & Training [TREAT] with several years experience of and with working with capacity strengthening of socio-economically and politically vulnerable groups and criminalised groups in Africa. A professional auditor with several years experience of auditing and serving as company secretary for Dunlop Zimbabwe, Ricky has worked as regional auditor overseeing several countries across Africa including Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya. Ricky is a businesswoman who owns her own modelling agency and provides consulting services in Finance and Auditing to firms in Zimbabwe. She is the present Secretary and Board Treasurer for the Sexual Rights Centre, a board member of AMSHeR (African Men for Sexual Health & Rights) as well as Pow Wow (a sex worker led organisation in Bulawayo, which is under the auspices of the Zim Sex Workers Alliance) and also serves with the Southern African Trans* Forum [SATF] as Secretary. A founding member of the Trans Women’s Feminism Institute for Southern and Central Africa and a member of the Africa Key Populations Experts Group under the auspices of the UNDP, Ricky sits on the All Africa Trans & Intersex Committee, whose mandate is to forge a continental movement of transgender and intersex activism. She is also a member of the International Reference Group of Trans Women [IRGT], made up of 14 transgender women from across the globe, looking at addressing HIV/AIDS. Ricky is certified by the Institute for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and has previously taught French and Mathematics to High Schoolers in her native Zimbabwe.