For better or for worse? In sickness and in health? 2017

This report seeks to provide a comparative analysis between the MPOA 2007-2015 and MPOA 2016-2030 and make recommendations for civil society engagement in MPOA 2. This will be done by providing a brief examination of the differences and similarities between these two health policies. Furthermore, we examine the gaps that may exist in the revised MPOA 2016-2030. The goal of the revised MPOA 2016-2030 is to ensure that it continues to promote universial access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights beyond 2015. This revised MPOA has paid considerable attention to the gaps of the MPOA 2007-2015 as identified through the MPOA 5-year review process and 10-year review. AAI For better or for worse? In sickness and in health? A comparative analysis of the original and the new reviewed MPOA and the SDGs by Bob Mwiinga Munyati. AAI Time line for the MPOA Review process 12 June 2017 AAI MPOA Report 2017 3                                             Contact Bob@aidsaccountability with feedback or more info.   This report was funded by arrow ford srhr bob munyati phillipa tucker aids accountability