AAI EANNASO Activists Toolkit 2016

AAI and EANNASO Toolkit for Activists When you are trying to influence a decision-making process about health, what’s the first step? This new video toolkit from EANNASO, developed in partnership with AAI and ICASO, can help you get started. Introduction The first step should be holding a consultation with the relevant key stakeholders and communities. But this can be tricky. Check out Module #1 of the Video Toolkit for a step-by-step “How To” for holding a successful consultation. Check out Module #2 of the EANNASO/AAI Video Toolkit on how to influence decision-making processes about health. In Module #2, you will learn all about how to publish an outcome document using the results of your consultation! It sounds straightforward, but we have a few tips and tricks to make sure the voices of your community will definitely be heard in all the right spaces. In Module #3 you will learn new strategies for making sure your priorities are heard. It’s no use if all your hard work and good ideas just sit and collect dust on the shelf! Here’s a hint from Module #3 -- Just keep flashing it! Module #4: Now comes the tricky part. Holding a consultation (Module #1), publishing an outcome document (Module #2), and doing lots of advocacy (Module #3) is important, but how do you know if you made a difference? That’s usually the toughest bit. To a lot of funding partners, this is a really important part of the process. Measuring out impact should be equally important to us, as civil society and communities, too! Grab your calculators for this one, we’re about to do some math! Whether you were successful or you faced challenges, there’s always room to improve decision-making processes about health next time around. The important thing is to use your evidence to motivate that positive change! In Module #5 of the EANNASO/AAI Video Toolkit (the last Module!) you can be sure that no matter the outcome, you can make sure decision-making is even more inclusive of civil society and community groups in the future.  Closing Summary https://www.youtube.com/user/AidAccountabilityInt AIDS Accountability International (AAI) in partnership with EANNASO, host of the Regional Platform for Communication and Coordination for Anglophone Africa, is pleased to share a new video toolkit developed, with support from the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO). The toolkit aims to equip civil society and community groups with new skills to influence decision-making processes about health. This toolkit can be applied to a wide range of health decision-making processes, including influencing Global Fund concept note development, the writing of national strategic plans, negotiating PEPFAR country operational plans, and many more! How will you increase accountability using this toolkit?