AAI Board and Staff

AIDS Accountability International is governed by a board of trustees. To maintain the independence, impartiality and reliability of the foundation, AAI has adopted transparent and publicly available codes and policies. The board has four members at present, and we have six full time staff members.



Rodrigo Garay AAIRodrigo Garay, Founder AAI and Board Chair

Mr. Rodrigo Garay is the founder and Board Chair of AAI. Rodrigo is currently founder and Chairman of the board of the research foundation Aids Accountability International. Rodrigo is also the founder and CEO of Working For Change conference, Diversitas talent (both the leaders in increasing diversity in the Swedish workplace as a means better manage the demographic challenges and opportunities entailed by increased migration and cultural diversity.  Rodrigo was also the Executive Director of the World Infection Fund (WIF) based at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm,  International Competence (IK) and formerly the Chief Executive of the International AIDS Society. Born in Chile, Rodrigo moved to Sweden as a refugee. 



Sivananthi Thanenthiran AAISivananthi Thanenthiran, Executive Director, ARROW, Malaysia

Siva is currently Executive Director of ARROW, Malaysia and comes from a diverse range of work experiences: English Literature, Critical and Cultural Theory, teaching, magazine editor, writer. Siva joined ARROW first as a consultant on the IRRMA project findings titled ‘Rights and Realities’ and later as Programme Manager, Information and Communications. Siva is responsible for innovating and conceptualizing the ICPD+15 project at ARROW which now spans 22 partners in 12 countries. Siva is co-author of many works including “Cities, Chaos & Creativity: A Sourcebook for Communicators”, and “Agenda for Action: Action for Better Cities”. Siva was born in Malaysia.


Ricki Kgositau AAITshepo Ricki Kgositau, Executive Director, Gender Dynamix

Ricki was born in Gaborone, Botswana and graduated with a BA in International Relations and Criminal Justice from Monash University. She is a passionate human rights advocate for transgender and transsexual persons and communities. Some of her work involved regional research on trans populations in Africa and transgender human rights monitoring and reporting to regional and international human rights mechanisms such as the UN and the African Commission; Protection for the rights of transgender and gender variant persons on campuses; and a monumental regional situation analysis on trans persons and access to health care. Ricki is also a co-founder of new regional alliance called the Southern Africa Trans Forum (SATF).


Carl-Olof Bouveng AAICarl-Olof Bouveng, Lindahl, Sweden

Carl-Olof was born in Sweden and has key expertise in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and insurance. Carl-Olof represents publicly and privately held companies as well as private equity sponsors in a broad range of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and tender offers. He also advises on capital market, corporate governance and general corporate matters, as well as regulatory issues in the insurance industry. Carl-Olof also represents a number of international NGOs. Carl-Olof is a recent Chair of the International Section of the New York State Bar Association, and also admitted to practice in New York. Carl-Olof Bouveng has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate/M&A and is a member of the New York State Bar. Sources say he is "incredibly committed and commercial, with a great client focus."





Amr Awad AAI

Amr Awad, Senior Researcher

Amr Awad is medical doctor who holds master in epidemiology and population from the American University of Beirut. Amr has 14 years of experience in sexual and reproductive health area with special focus on monitoring, research and Evaluation.

Before joining AAI, Amr worked as research and evaluation consultant for different

international agencies like UNFPA, WHO, Save the children, Plan International, American Bar Association, Management Sciences for Health and ICFI. He also worked as staff with UNAIDS, UNWOMEN, USAID and African Union Commission.

Amr also served as research instructor for Geneva foundation for medical education and Research. He was co-author in Cambridge press book "Public Health in the Arab World" and WHO study on youth risky behaviors in EMRO region. Email: amr [at] aidsaccountability.org



Bob Mwiinga Munyati AAIBob Mwiinga Munyati, Senior Researcher

Bob Mwiinga Munyati is a Zambian and a Senior Researcher at AIDS Accountability International (AAI) with an academic background in Demography and Economics from the University of Zambia and a Masters of Public Health from University of Cape Town. Bob has for the past 4 years managed the SRHR global and African regional commitments section of AAI’s work with particular focus on the Maputo Plan of Action, ICPD Beyond 2014 and Sustainable Development Goals. This work situates Bob as a researcher with a better understanding of the political context of SRHR in Africa but also empowers him to be a strategic negotiator for policy change. With almost 10 years of work experience, Bob has previously worked for Clinton Health Initiative Access, Population Services International, and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and Family Health International 360 in various research and programmatic portfolios in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Email: bob [at] aidsaccountability.org

Lucinda van den Heever AAILucinda van den Heever, Senior Researcher

Lucinda is a South African who has worked in the South African NGO sector for the past 13 years. As an African feminist and human rights advocate Lucinda’s passion and drive centres on gender, women’s human rights and sexual rights.
Lucinda’s knowledge is grounded through reflecting together with local communities on rigid gender and sexuality norms and structural drivers which underpins gender based violence and gender inequality. Lucinda’s theoretical knowledge, research and writing skills was further expanded through taking up a Masters Degree in Gender and Development at Institute for Development Studies at Sussex University in England in 2008.  Email: lucinda [at] aidsaccountability.org


Mampoi Mapeshoane

Mampoi was born in Lesotho and is currently an Intern at AIDS Accountability International. Mampoi holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Public Administration from The National University of Lesotho. It is after this that she volunteered at UNFPA Lesotho where most of her work was focused on HIV/AIDS and this is where she developed interest in the Public Health. She then furthered her studies at Stellenbosch University where she did her Post Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management. Now she just completed her Masters in HIV/AIDS Management with Stellenbosch University and she is waiting on her results. Mampoi is a feminist deeply concerned about HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence, the general well-being of people including Key Populations. She is also passionate about spreading awareness and support for women, girls, youth, and LGBTI community. Lastly, Mampoi is also a registered member of Public Health of South Africa (PHASA).


Mats Ahnlund AAIMats Ahnlund, Finance and Operations Director

Mats is since January 2017 the AAI Director for Finance & Operations. Before this he was the Deputy Executive Director of the International AIDS Society. He started his employment with the IAS as Conference Director in 2003, running one of the largest medical conferences, the International AIDS Conference, normally with 15.000-25.000 participants. He is 65 years old, of Swedish origin, living and working in Switzerland for international NGOs since 1992. Email: mats@aidsaccountability.org





Phillipa Tucker AAIPhillipa Tucker, Research and Communications Director

Phillipa Tucker is an European-African human rights activist with a focus on HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Phil is the Research and Communications Director at AIDS Accountability International (AAI). At AAI she focusses on rights for sexually and gender diverse people, women, girls, prisoners and youth. Throughout her career Phillipa’s passion for ethical, inclusive and participatory research methodologies has resulted in needs-based, collaborative, high quality and useful research processes and outputs. Phillipa is at her happiest when she is allowed to develop innovative opportunities to merge her roots in pedagogy, community work, political theory and a desire for high design and accessible communication to improve access to human rights. Email: phillipa [at] aidsaccountability.org