Press Release: “No Time Commitment is No Commitment at All”

New York, June 3 2011

The HIV/AIDS Accountability Forum, a coalition of  international non-governmental organizations promoting an actionable accountability framework for government commitments to HIV, including AIDS Accountability International (AAI), GESTOS, the Global Network Of People with HIV/AIDS (GNP+), International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS (ICW), and World AIDS Campaign warn that changes being proposed by Member states will result in a weak and ineffectual  Outcome Declaration, hindering the possibility of achieving Universal Access by 2015.

The HIV/AIDS Accountability Forum is clear that, accountability for goals does not mean punishing countries because they have been unable to reach goals in all cases. “We understand that national targets will not always be reached. There can be clear and logical reasons which civil society can well understand.  The setting of goals should not frighten countries, it can enhance performance, partnership, meaningful dialogue, and create a shared vision between member states and civil society” said Kevin Moody, International Coordinator and CEO for the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+).

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