The Civil Society Priorities Charter – Good Practice for Global Fund Country Dialogue

AIDS Accountability International has launched a new brief to document and share the Civil Society Priorities Charter as good practice for country dialogue within the Global Fund's New Funding Model (NFM). A core principle of the NFM is that the development of requests for funding (concept notes) should be inclusive and participatory, meaningfully engaging civil society and key affected populations.

Our model of the Civil Society Priorities Charter strengthens civil society's advocacy by promoting a more coordinated agenda that is based upon a consensus of priorities. Participation from marginalized groups such as women, young girls, and key affected populations, was particularly important in this process.

The brief captures the process of creating the Civil Society Priorities Charters, sharing experiences, challenges, impact and results from the five countries which have already completed their Charters (Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe). Through sharing the good practice of the Civil Society Priorities Charter, the model may be replicated or adapted in other countries and contexts as they begin country dialogue.

CLICK HERE to download the brief.


“I believe that it is a good initiative as this will prepare the CSOs to actively engage in the country dialogue. We really appreciate the support you are providing in many countries including in Malawi and I am convinced with this support a strong concept note will be submitted by Malawi”

Plaikessi Kouadjani, Global Fund Portfolio Manager for Malawi

“We utilized the Charters to do country dialogues on the NFM TB concept note and the proposal writing is now on-going in Midlands. The Charters were guiding the processes”

Sebia Kwaramba, Zimbabwe AIDS Network