The AAI Scorecard on Women: Women Reporting Index

What is measured?

The Women Reporting Index assesses the overall quality and completeness of country reporting on relevant data.

Countries are characterized as follows:

responsive = they report the data needed for an effective response to women in the context of AIDS
aware = reporting reflects awareness of the need to monitor and report data specific to women, even if in practice they do not always do so systematically
unfocused = reporting fails to acknowledge women’s needs and vulnerabilities

Countries that have not reported on any aspects of their AIDS response are noted as having provided ’no data’.

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Country Data by Region (PDF)


- Ten countries submitted no data at all on progress towards the targets set out in the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.

- Fifty-two countries (or 28%) were categorized as unfocused on women’s needs because they either submitted data with no specific reference to women or gender issues (21 countries or 11%), or they submitted very little such data (34 countries or 17%).

- The largest group of countries (82 countries or 43%) was classified as aware of the need to monitor and report women-specific data, although many did not in fact report this data systematically across all elements.

- Only 47 countries (25%) qualified as responsive, reporting the quality of data needed for an effective response to the needs of women in the context of AIDS. A full 67% of the high-burden countries fell into this ‘responsive’ category, as did all seven countries with hyperendemic epidemics. These hard-hit countries have collected the information they need to start reversing the feminization of AIDS.

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