Other Research Reports

Working Papers


Working Paper No. 001

Rating what and how? by Chris Desmond

A Review of Existing Indicators and Methodological Aspects by Anna Mia Ekström

Monitoring the UNGASS Declaration by Per Strand

An overview and comparative analysis of HIV/AIDS Declarations and Commitments by Chiseche Mibenge

Working Paper No. 002The AIDS Accountability Country Scorecard Report 

Working Paper No. 003AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women Report

Working Paper No. 004Accountability Theory by Gemma Oberth

Working Paper No. 005Discrimination without Distinction of Any Kind? Snapshot of African Civil Society Demands versus Addis Declaration by Bob Mwiinga Munyati and Phillipa Tucker

Working Paper No. 006: Accountability Theory: How can it improve the response to health needs in Africa? by Phillipa Tucker

Working Paper No. 007: Sexual Diversity in Africa: An Argument for the Inclusion of Sexual Minorities in African Development Policy, July 2015, Lucinda van den Heever.

Intern Working Paper: Sexual Health and Rights in Conflict Zones AAI Intern Emily Gorman, 2014.


Other Documents


Sex, Soccer and Social Movements: Has enough been done to address HIV and AIDS during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa? Gemma Oberth, 2010.

Mapping of accountability resources, 2010.

Personal Accountability Literacy Scorecard, Read and test your own level of accountability! Phillipa Tucker, 2012.

AAI Accountability Literacy Presentation, Phillipa Tucker, 2012.

Research and Policy Report on Investments in HIV R&D in Africa A Map and Guide for Civil Society to Hold Governments Accountable, with WACI Health, Adrian di Lollo, 2016.