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Sex, Soccer and Social Movements: Has enough been done to address HIV and AIDS during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa? Gemma Oberth, 2010.

Personal Accountability Literacy Scorecard, Read and test your own level of accountability! Phillipa Tucker, 2012.
AAI Accountability Literacy Presentation, Phillipa Tucker, 2012.

Mapping of Accountability Resources, 2010




AAI's Intern Research Paper Series

AIDS Accountability International (AAI) provides capacity building opportunities for students, young graduates and passionate health activists through research internships. During their three months, interns often have the opportunity to conduct research and write a working paper on a topic of their choice. This research has been prepared by the author as an intern under the Internship Programme of AAI for capacity building purposes only. The views expressed in the report are personal to the intern and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAI or any of its staff or personnel and do not bind AAI in any manner.

Sexual Health and Rights in Conflict Zones Emily Gorman, 2014.