South African Country Dialogue Priorities Charter March 2015

AIDS Accountability International Priorities Charter ZAAIDS Accountability International is proud to have co-hosted and facilitated the SA Country Dialogue with Southern African AIDS Trust and the SA National AIDS Committee Civil Society Forum in Johannesburg on 1 and 2 March 2015.

This meeting represented the most important civil society meeting on funding for health in Socuth Africa for CSOs in 2015.

AAI applied our Priorities Charter methodology to develop a consensus amongst CSOs on what the concept note that gets submitted to the Global Fund should include.

South African SANAC Civil Society Forum Priorities Charter Final

Background info

AIDS Accountability International has a brief that documents and shares the Civil Society Priorities Charter as good practice for country dialogue within the Global Fund's New Funding Model (NFM). A core principle of the NFM is that the development of requests for funding (concept notes) should be inclusive and participatory, meaningfully engaging civil society and key affected populations.

Our model of the Civil Society Priorities Charter strengthens civil society's advocacy by promoting a more coordinated agenda that is based upon a consensus of priorities. Participation from marginalized groups such as women, young girls, and other key affected populations, was particularly important in this process.

The brief captures the process of creating the Civil Society Priorities Charters, sharing experiences, challenges, impact and results from five of the eight countries which have already completed their Charters (Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe). AAI has also done PCs in Zanzibar (one with all sectors and one just with civil society), Kenya and Uganda. CLICK HERE to see the other countries’ PCs.

Through sharing the good practice of the Civil Society Priorities Charter, the model may be replicated or adapted in other countries and contexts as they begin country dialogue. CLICK HERE to download the brief.