AAI News

2016, February 14, How to know your Valentine is a Virgin. Valentine's Day 2016.


2015, March 13, Media statement on Zuma's comments on teenage pregnancy and imprisoning young parents


2015, February 27, South African Country Dialogue Priorities Charter March 2015


2015, February 11, South African Civil Society Groups Call for the Reinstatement of Joint Committee on HIV & AIDS.   


2014, December 9: Welcome AAI's New Leadership.


2014, December 1: This World AIDS Day, Imagine a World Campaign.


2014, March 5-7: Brazzaville, Congo, Meeting Report: 5th Inter Agency Meeting on Coordination and Harmonization of AIDS, TB and Malaria Strategies.


2013, December 9: Satellite Session on Engaging Civil Society in the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Ministerial Commitment to adolescents and young people’s needs and rights.


2013, September 4-5: National Legal Stakeholder Meeting – Sex Workers and Human Rights.


2013, June 18-21: 6th South African AIDS Conference.


2013, March 19-20: Meeting Report on Regional Diagnostic Report on HIV, Sexuality Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Young People in East and Southern Africa.


2013, March 19: Media Release – Global Fund Processes Neglect LGBT and Youth. 


2012, September 19-22: 5th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights.


2012, August 8: Meeting Report, Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa’s Key Population Guidelines Consultation.


2012, July 26-27: Meeting Report, Pretoria, South Africa, The Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Workshop.


2011, Nov 28 – Dec 2: 6th (Social Aspects of HIV and Aids Research Alliance) SAHARA Conference.


2011, June: No Time Commitment is No Commitment at All – Calling for targets and accountability in the new UN Declaration on HIV/AIDS. 


2011, April 14-15: African Civil Society Declaration on HIV and AIDS.


2011, May 25: Press Release for 27 May 2011: Governments still don’t know if gay people take HIV tests. 


2011, March 8: Press Release International Women's Day, AAI calls for increased awareness of lesbian and transgender women's needs in the HIV response. 


2010,  December 15: This Alien Legacy: The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism: An AIDS Accountability Executive Summary based on the Human Rights Watch Report of December 2008. Download here.


2010, December 6: Position paper prepared by 19 transgender activists from Africa. 


2010, November 29:  World Aids Day Press Release on Sex between men recognised as a risk factor in the Sub-Saharan HIV epidemic.


2010, November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance: Governments still abusing transgedner people's rights.


2010, October 7: AIDS Experts Warn of Problems Assessing AIDS Governance in Africa


2010, March 1: NGO Calls on Development Sector to Increase Shadow Reports to UNAIDS.


2009, December: Launch of the AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women


2009, November 24: SAIHCM, SAHIVCS and AAI (PDF)


2008, May 12-13: AAI's First Rating Workshop in Stcokholm Sweden.