AAI’s First Rating Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

2008, May 12-13

On May 12-13, 2008 AAI’s 1st Rating Workshop was held, at Tammsvik, outside Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting gathered thirty-eight internationally acknowledged experts representing academia, UN, the private sector, donors, governments and civil society.

The workshop resulted in refinements of the first version of the Country Scorecard , ideas for how to continue the development of five sector specific ratings and the establishment of a Rating Advisory Group of nine workshop representatives that will make recommendations regarding AAI’s ratings and future Rating Workshops.

AAI Workshop Summary (pdf)

At the end of the workshop Elaine McKay presented the Tammsvik Commitment in order to set the tone for AAI’s work in the months to come:

We believe there is a need for greater accountability and leadership in the response to HIV/AIDS. To these ends we support AIDS Accountability International’s efforts to measure and compare the degree to which public, private and civil society actors are fulfilling the commitments they have made to respond to the epidemic. More specifically we recommend that AAI moves forward to finalize the country rating, doing so with a sense of urgency and transparency. We ask that AAI takes our recommendations for improving the Country Rating under serious consideration and remembers to be accountable to those most affected by the disease.