The AAI Maputo Plan of Action Scorecard 2012


The AAI MPOA Scorecard provides data and an analysis of statistics provided by African governments to the African Union Commission in the Maputo Plan of Action (MPOA) reporting. This report first briefly introduces the various concepts that inform sexual and reproductive health and rights on the continent, how the Maputo Plan of Action commitment evolved as a government solution, and how accountability and data can be used to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). In the second section of the report the data is presented and analysed in an easy-to-read manner and a way forward provides recommendations in the final closing section. Read the full report here

The Elements

The AIDS Accountability MPOA Scorecard contains twelve elements each of which evaluates a different aspect of government response to SRHR.

These elements are:

1. Integration of HIV/STI, Malaria and SRH Services into PHC Element 1

2. Strengthening of Community based STI/HIV/AIDS and SRHR Services Element 2

3. Family Planning repositioning as key strategy for attainment of MDGs Element 3

4. Youth-friendly SRHR services positioned as key strategy for youth empowerment, development and well being Element 4

5. Incidence of unsafe abortion reduced Element 5

6. Access to safe motherhood and child survival services increased Element 6

7. Resources for SRHR increased Element 7

8. SRH Commodity security strategies for all SRH components achieved Element 8

9. Monitoring, evaluation and coordination mechanism Element 9

Overall Scorecard: Elements 10-12

10. Reporting*  11. Policy Environment * and 12. Overall performance *

*These three elements are constructed on data from various data points, or on how much data was made available. See element section for more information.

Findings and Recommendations: Findings and Recommendations